How to fill the pouch

  1. Squeeze the pouch with your thumb and index finger and move from side to side to separate the front and back foil. You may find it helpful to use a straw or pencil and stick it down the neck of the pouch to help separate the foil.
  2. The pouch can expand considerably, blow inside the pouch to expand. This helps when you are filling with fluids.
  3. Most fluids can be filled with a small funnel.
  4. For thicker Gels or butters a pastry funnel works great.

How to seal the pouch

After filling the pouch with your favorite stuff

  1. Apply sealer to end of pouch neck by pressing the sealer bar
  2. Hold the bar down lightly in place for 3 sec to preheat the sealer.
  3. Applying light pressure draw the sealer across the pouch neck. You should see a sealing line on the foil.
  4. Check to see that you have a good seal

How to use your fuel

  1. Grab the head of the pouch with one hand and below the sealer line with your other hand and tear open.
  2. Enjoy.

Charging your Sealer

To recharge sealer connect to USB cable until red light is on.

Unplug cable before using sealer


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